14 Aug 2016   Americas, Macro, Video

VIDEO: Wilbur Matthews, CEO and CIO, from Vaquero Global Investment

Wilbur discusses how the performance of Brazil’s debt markets have shifted over the past year.

VIDEO: Neil Shearing, Chief Emerging Markets Economist, Capital Economics

Neil speaks about the difficulties the Brazilian economy faced over the last couple of years, and what could be done to improve the country's fiscal outlook amid the current economic crisis.

Video: Usman Ahmed, Head of Fixed Income, Emirates NBD Asset Management

How have outside factors affected the debt markets in the GCC?

Video: Simon Johnson, Former Chief Economist, IMF

How are events in developed markets influencing emerging markets?

Video: Hans Humes, CEO, Greylock Capital Management

How does debt in the GCC compare to that of other markets and what opportunities are there in the region for investors?

Video: Martin Egan, Global Head of Primary Markets and Origination, BNP Paribas

How are investors looking at the Middle East amid tightening liquidity in the region?

Video: Tony Leon, Former DA Leader, Republic of South Africa

How has political mismanagement impacted South Africa?