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22 Feb 2019   Islamic Finance, Asia Pacific

Malaysia Sukuk Pipeline to Remain Strong as Corporates Seek to Secure Longer Tenors

Dato' Lee Kok Kwan, Chairman of BIX Malaysia, the Bond and Sukuk Information Exchange Malaysia, spoke with Bonds & Loans about the sukuk pipeline for the coming year, growing demand for Sharia-compliant instruments, and Malaysia’s innovative approach to Islamic finance.

Uncertain Global Outlook Highlights GCC Debt Opportunity

As investors around the world brace for continued uncertainty in 2019 that will test the steeliest of nerves, the outlook for debt markets in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) region is a much brighter one, with the potential for strong risk adjusted returns.

Investec Targeting Senior Private and Illiquid Credit in South Africa When Sentiment Sours

The long-term investment potential in South Africa and the continent as a whole remains vast, but African fixed-income remains vulnerable to global factors, which forces investors to limit their exposure to asset classes that can withstand tumultuous periods, says Simon Howie, Co-Head of SA and Africa Fixed Income at Investec Asset Management, in an interview with Bonds & Loans.

BBH: EM Preview for the Week Ahead

EM FX ended the week on a soft note as the dollar remains resilient. Very weak EM PMI readings so far in January are very concerning and underscore why we remain negative on EM despite the Fed capitulating to the market and tilting more dovish. Firmer currencies should allow EM central banks that meet this week to keep rates steady.

Safe Enough: Investors Likely to Sit Out Volatility in Traditional Havens

Last year marked the first in decades when global markets ended with a net loss across most asset classes. As the investors begin to earmark potential destinations for their retreat when the time comes to cut their losses and run, they may be hesitant to funnel everything into the historical safe havens such as US Treasuries, developed market sovereigns, and gold.

Brown Brothers Harriman: Emerging Markets Preview for the Week Ahead

EM FX ended last week on a firm note, fueled by news that the US shutdown was ending (at least temporarily). This week brings some potential for more positive headlines regarding Brexit, US-China trade talks, and Fed policy. Yet all three could pose negative risks too. We believe the US rates markets still need to normalize before the dollar can get significant traction.

Burning Down the House: Reserve Currencies and Emerging Markets

Reserve currencies are a kind of macroeconomic insurance, which guarantees access to financing during economic accidents. Reserve currency status can be unknowingly squandered, but it can also be sacrificed deliberately in place of undertaking macroeconomic adjustment. Which path is Trump taking?

Duet Group: “Frontier Countries Growing in Spite of Governments, Not Because of Them”

In an exclusive interview with Bonds & Loans, Joe Delvaux, Senior Fund Manager at Duet Asset Management, delves into frontier markets, assessing their performance in 2018, providing insight into investor sentiment on broader EM assets, and takes a glimpse into what 2019 might bring.

Brown Brothers Harriman: Emerging Markets Preview for the Week Ahead

EM FX ended the week on a soft note after rallying most of the week on the dovish shift in the Fed’s messaging. Until US rates adjust back to pricing in no US recession, it will be hard for the dollar to maintain much traction and so this EM bounce can continue. Yet other risks to EM remain in place, including slower growth in China and globally.

Brown Brothers Harriman: Emerging Markets Preview for the Week Ahead

EM FX ended the week on a firm note as stronger than expected US jobs data fed into risk-on sentiment. Fed Chair Powell also added to the positive sentiment Friday as he addressed basically every area of concern that the markets have had with the Fed. US rates backed up but not by enough to lend the dollar much support. In this current “wait and see” period regarding the US economy and the Fed, we suspect the dollar will have trouble getting much traction and so this EM bounce could continue near-term.


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