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Todd Schubert, Managing Director, Fixed Income Research, Bank of Singapore

Want to reach your core clients without wasting budget on unqualified leads?  Looking for a platform that allows you to target each and every client and geography with a tailored message? 

Daily research with our extensive network of CFOs, treasurers, investors, bankers and government officials means we can offer you a bespoke marketing solution that allows you to reach your clients through tailored content that we know is of value to them.

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Draft Editorial Calendar for 2017

Green Bonds and CSR Basel III and Bank Capital Project Bonds: Now or never? Development Banks and Capital Markets Financing Renewable Projects Hybrids on the rise in EMs
EM and Sovereign Debt Management Hedging: When issuers should lock-in rates Liability Management and Emerging Markets £, €, ¥: Non-US dollar funding Covered Bonds in Emerging Markets What's in store for EM credit in 2018?
Middle East Awards for Deals of the Year Middle East Syndications: Borrowers tightening? Middle East banks and The Asian Opportunity Middle East Aircraft finance and capital markets: Taking off Lending without borders: Expanding into Africa Financing GCC Real Estate in the Capital Markets
Basel III - AT1s on the rise Saudi Arabia: Opening the market Middle East banks and The Asian Opportunity Trade Finance in Qatar    
Globalising sukuk Islamic and/vs. conventional: Is the tranching game over? Sukuk and Nigeria: Regulatory and legislative changes to open a new market Sukuk and Kenya: Opening a gateway to GCC capital markets Islamic finance, hedging and derivatives Standardisation in Islamic finance
Understanding Green Risk How to scale a green bond market Standardisation and sustainable finance Green Bonds in China Transp Projects and Sustainable Finance Learning from sukuk: the development of green bonds in MENA
Basel 3-compliant bonds in Turkey Project Finance in Turkey: Still going strong Rise and rise of Turkey's local debt markets Greening Turkey's markets: Renewables and green bonds Turkey Covered Bonds and Housing Finance SME Lending
  Turkey Awards for Deals of the Year   Islamic finance in Turkey - participation banks make headway    
Financing Russia's sanctioned companies in the capital markets Charting oil price and capital markets activity in Russia  Hedging risk in Russia Re-opening Russian bond markets Banking Khazakstan Ruble markets
Day of reckoning for South African capital markets? Pensions Reform in Nigeria & Capital markets Africa Awards for Deals of the Year M&A and Capital Markets in Kenya Africa: Financing in Local currency Financing Africa's infrastructure deficit
Developing the capital markets in Botswana   Africa Deals of the Year Funding Francophone Africa Energy Finance in Africa  
LatAm Bonds & Loans: The Year Ahead Funding the next wave of telecoms infrastructure   Project finance in the southern cone Latin America Deals of the Year Shale Gas - Financing the next wave of investment
Mexico's Electricity Market & Capital Fibra-E… The future of Mexico's oil and gas sector Going Local: Peso markets Infrastructure Finance in Mexico  
Colombia: How to finance 4G MILA: Borrowing in Inter and intra-regional markets Basel 3 and the Andes Regional banks: The new power players Tax reforms and accessing international bond markets  
  Financing energy infrastructure in Peru   Are water projects the next major credit driver in Peru?    
Restructuring Brazil Beyond BNDES: How Brazil will attract new private investment to its projects Will Asian lenders lead the revival of Brazil's capital markets? The rise of non-bank finance in Brazil Infrastructure Finance in Brazil