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"I get hundreds of emails a day and yours are among the few I actually open, very interesting analysis and content."

Todd Schubert, Managing Director, Fixed Income Research, Bank of Singapore

Want to reach your core clients without wasting budget on unqualified leads?  Looking for a platform that allows you to target each and every client and geography with a tailored message? 

Daily research with our extensive network of CFOs, treasurers, investors, bankers and government officials means we can offer you a bespoke marketing solution that allows you to reach your clients through tailored content that we know is of value to them.

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Partner with us and we will…

  • Promote the areas you are putting resource into next year, quickly and effectively
  • Increase reverse enquiries, so clients are contacting you to address their specific needs that your products and services speak to
  • Promote your outstanding deals and achievements – highlighting success stories other clients might be interested in replicating
  • Profile promoted members of your team or new hires and save time and money introducing them to the market client by client
  • Guarantee year-round exposure to your core audience with one clear, informed voice


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